Good Samaritan Work

We are pleased to provide care and help to those that need help but may not be able to get help elsewhere.



Pinky came to us emaciated and near death at 8 weeks old.  The owners were unable to care for him and we adopted him to provide him the chance to live.  It took Pinky 3-4 months of intensive care and love to get him to thrive.  Once he was able, Pinky was adopted out to a new home where he is happy!


Bud was diagnosed with a damaged salivary gland that was leaking saliva under the skin.  Bud was taken to surgery and the damaged salivary gland removed.


Daryl was a feral cat brought in for neutering via the feral trap and release program.  Daryl had an obvious lameness in his hind limb, and was found to have a hip out of joint.  His surgery was completed and he was rehabilitated.  During rehab, we discovered he was a genuine love and he was adopted out to a home and saved from his street life.


Jackson came in as a 5 month old puppy with a broken leg.  His owner has severely limited funds and we agreed to do surgery at a vastly decreased cost.   Jackson did well after surgery and we are waiting for him to heal completely.